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by Foxfeather


Hi. This LJ is friends only.
If for some strange reason you want to add me to your LJ friends list or/and get to know me better - comment here or just IM me on one of the messengers. I don't bite, unless I have a good reason to.



Hi! it´s Tessi and Mika, could you please please pretty please put us on your friends list *blink blink ^_~ *

Re: Hiya!

Sure thing ;}
Hey, Orzel, I can't read your posts even being in your friends list. Maybe you've put me in a wrong friends group?
And where are you now? I haven't seen you in icq for a long time...
hey! I'm Silvu's friend and I would like to ask you to be my friend in LJ too.. I'm kind of new and poor at making kontacts:P can I add you as a friend?O.O
Sure, go ahead. ;}
hei I would even cry and get only 6's to be here ;)
Hmm, any particular reason why you would like to be added?
I'm curious...
I would like to get to know you. sorry cant give you any better reason :)
Well, okay, feel free to add me... Once you do that I'll return the favor.
hei i dont want to force anyone to do anything :)
It doesn't feel like forcing. ;}
As I said, if you add me, I will add you back...
ok here we go than ;)
I tu cię mam :P
Hi =)
I'm LJ friends with vastatuuli and she posted your name in my journal, saying you were her festival companion =) I went checking out your profile and it seems we've got quite a lot of interests in common, you even like Roger Zelazny which is so cool, cause I never meet anyone who knows his books =P
So if you like to add me, let me know =)
Cheers \m/
Bah, of course I like R.Zelazny, Amber series are one of my favorite books ever. :>
Well, if you don't mind me being a little unusual and relatively rarely updating my LJ/commenting... then feel free to add me - I will add you back then.
I'll add you =)
Ow BTW.. Is there any reason for the date of this entry? 21st of december 2012..
Ah, I had to think of some date far ahead... and since I didn't know what I should choose I decided to put the last day of Maya Calendar, often mentioned as the day of world's end. ;>
amazing =D
cause that's exactly what I thought when I saw it oO
Heya Orzel, this is Corvid from the GG! maybe we can LJ friends too?
Hey there,
Since I can't find any information about you I'd prefer to talk with you first for a bit, preferably via some online communicator.
I assume that you came here mainly because of the photos I've taken and posted on DA/FA, though my LJ isn't really that much about birds. ;}
Hey youness, it was nice hanging out with you at FC ^____^ just thought I would let you know I added you.
I am not the person you are looking for. ;> I know who you are, but actually you are looking for:
http://tastyeagle.livejournal.com/profile :>
Interested in adding you! I don't have a whole lot of time to read through my friends page, but take a peek every now and then.
Sure, feel free to add me. (will add you back)

Hawkie here :> Wondering if I could be added to your friends list ^v^
Sure - add me, and I will ad you back.
Oy! Thought I did right after I made this comment.
My bad; it's done now. :>
Hatebreeder is definitely my favorite!
So is mine. ;>
I also like the reference to Helloween...
Ah yes, another favorite band of mine.

I guess I am quite a big fan of rock/metal music in general, always have been. :>

Hi! May I come in? Without any strange reason. I just like you.
Curious, aren't we? It's not like I write a lot or about anything interesting, just some babbling - which is random and quite weird at times. I'll let you in, I hope I'm not making a mistake.
Hi! It's Lena. I would like to read your LJ, though as to me I write in Russian in my blog..)
You're added. It seems that I will have to use a translator or something. :p
Hi! My reason is friendship with people who loved HEAVY METAL as reason to live.
by Foxfeather

February 2017

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